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How to download pictures from samsung sch-u450 to computer

How to download pictures from samsung sch-u450 to computer

Move Pictures / Videos from Device - Samsung Intensity™ II / Samsung Intensity ™ III. This helps you move or transfer picture/video files between your device and a computer/PC. Only DRM free / unprotected video can be transferred via this method. DRM protected content won't play on this device. Note Notes: The device . The Samsung Intensity's built-in megapixel camera allows you to upload the photos you store on the phone's memory card to your PC. By taking advantage of the phone's mass storage capabilities, you can avoid purchasing software to upload the pictures. The original picture remains on the Intensity, while a copy. You can save your pictures before you delete them by uploading them to a computer; however, the Intensity is not recognized as a mass storage device when a one picture per message, which means you can only email one picture at a time. close Information in this article applies to the Samsung Intensity SCH- u

I am contemplating the purchase of the SCH-u and want to know is I can transfer pictures stored in the phone to a PC via a USB cable or bluetooth simply by using Bit-PIM or similar program. Please ley me know waht is involed. - Thanks. 4 Jan Hello, I've been wondering how to send pictures from my Samsung Intensity ( Verizon) phone to other people can this be done by transferring them to. I can't get my computer to recognize anything on my phone (pics, mp3,etc). I was able to use windows media player for music but pics couldnt be successfully added/removed from my phone. I downloaded the samsung cdma drivers but pc sync is buggy once it recognized my phone as a camera another.

Q: Importing photos from Samsung Intensity phone using USB. This is my first phone with photo iPhoto immediately opens up, and it immediately mounts a device it calls "SCH-U". But it detects "0 photos". There is really no standard way that phones interact with computers. Most manfacturers have. samsung intensity to a pc? - Download pictures samsung sch u to mac. How do i transfer the photos from my samsung sch u phone to my computer? - Download photos from samsung sch u I need a memory card for a samsung sch u? - Pcitures samsung sch u How to hook samsung sch u to mac ?. USB Data Cable (I paid $ for mine over internet this past week, thecellshopdDOTnet) AND software such as Datapilot (or others) on your PC. The USB Data Cable plugs into the same place as your power charger, & will also charge your phone as well as transfer pictures. Make % SURE FIRST from.


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